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Although the Affordable Care Act has increased access to healthcare for thousands across the country, it has not solved the issue of healthcare for all. Thousands of uninsured, underinsured, and insured people who are unable to find a primary care home continue to seek treatment for non-emergency needs at Emergency Departments, resulting in billions of dollars of unnecessary spending each year and a gap in healthcare for the most vulnerable that begs to be addressed. The Compassion Network aims to ignite and equip local churches to collaborate in service to their neighbors who are underinsured and slipping through the cracks in healthcare by providing a strategically located and compassionately designed mini-clinic model that will result in fewer non-emergent Emergency Department visits, increased access to primary care for those who need it most, and the growth of vibrant new relationships between the Church and her community. Thank you for joining the movement and offering your precious time and talents!

PROVIDER ROLES for Compassion Network Clinics are limited to:
Physicians - MD’s, DO’s, ND's
Residents with unrestricted licenses
Nurse Practitioners (NP’s)

Important Note For Residents: Only residents with unlimited licenses can volunteer in a provider role. If a resident is unsure, or if there is a question, that information can be verified online or by calling the Oregon Medical Board’s licensing inquiry line.

Important Note For Physician's Assistants: The Compassion Network does not currently have an OMB approved supervising physician. At present we are unable to utilize PA's in a provider capacity. If you are a physician and willing to assist us in a PA supervisory role, please let us know.

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