What Are The Compassion Clinics?

In the fall of 2014 Legacy Health approached Compassion Connect with a problem: too many people in the metro area were using Emergency Departments for non-emergency needs because they didn't have health insurance or didn't know how to navigate the system. Legacy's data showed that these people were coming from specific zip codes, and because of our experience with grassroots clinic organizing Legacy wanted our help. Thus, the Compassion Network was born. In compassionate service the Church will continue to step into the gaps in healthcare to reach our most vulnerable community members with the love of Christ, and with Legacy's data we can respond to the needs with a quarterly, strategically located mini-clinic model that will result in fewer non-emergency Emergency Department visits, increased access to primary care for those who need it most, and the growth of vibrant new relationships between the Church and her community. We are excited to announce that from June 2016 to June 2017 we will host quarterly mini Compassion Clinics in North Portland, Rockwood, and Gresham. To learn more about how you can volunteer, read on!

How Do I Volunteer?

To sign up as a general volunteer for a specific area, select a region below. If you are volunteering as a health volunteer please follow the health professionals link. 


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